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Weblogging is for Winners

Updated Marc Canter called me a couple of months ago about a new concept he was working that would help webloggers make money. The concept became reality today, as several people started making 800.00US a month to promote a new … Continue reading

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When Things Work

This weekend I also spent time reformatting and re-installing Windows 2000 on my laptop. As I was digging out the old disks, I realized I had forgotten what I needed, it’s been so long since I did a reinstall. And … Continue reading

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The weather has been very dismal lately, but it broke a couple of times, enough to get out for some short walks. Thanksgiving day was one such day, and it was the type of weather I enjoy for walks: cool … Continue reading

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Anger is the fire still burning

Chris at Emptybottle responded to my post about the lack of intimacy in weblogging. Specifically, he questioned my paragraph on anger, and my sentence, …anger is the ultimate camouflage for what’s really going on in our heads and our lives. … Continue reading

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First Storm of the Season

The weather today is horrid, and I almost changed my mind about coming down to the coffee shop to connect, but I had work to deliver, and new work to pick up. This is definitely the downside of not having … Continue reading

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Always Off

Is this still on? Testing, testing. Can you hear me? Good! Frank Paynter is surveying several people about why they blog for a post he’s writing for the Kitchen. When he asked the question, I had a hard time answering. … Continue reading

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When I followed the pointer to Oliver Willis’ Brand Democrat, that Happy Tutor provided, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. This is about as absurd as changing the name of I69 because of it’s ‘sexual connotations’. President … Continue reading

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