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You must wear appropriate behavior at all times

When I read that the Indian Ocean quake had altered the earth’s rotation slightly and may have even caused the earth’s tilt to wobble a bit, my first reaction was to write a post pointing to this writing at Jonathon … Continue reading

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Duct Tape Hiking

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather this week, with temperatures expected to reach 70F today. Warm enough to drive around town on errands with the windows down (and the music up — an unfortunate hold over from my youth). I have … Continue reading

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St. Louis Journalist Loses Job because of Weblog

Oh, look. A real title, just like in the papers. I’ve been out in comment threads the last few days. Sometimes you feel like a conversation, and sometimes you don’t. The last two days I felt like conversing. One conversation … Continue reading

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Mindless Spot of Eternal Lack of Sunshine

I am not one to do movie reviews. I rarely write on a movie I see, and when I do, it’s usually favorably. But I feel compelled to write about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, primarily because I disliked … Continue reading

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Comment Goodies

Another package I’m working on is a set of files that will add all my comment functionality to a WordPress 1.22 installation. This includes the functionality developed by others–live preview (from Chris Davis) and spellchecking (incorporated from Cold Forged) — … Continue reading

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Packaged Goodies

Per long overdue requests from several people, I’ve finished up a WordPress 1.22 template featuring the ‘floating clouds’ design. Additionally, I created a separate package that just provides the files necessary to do the random background image. You can see … Continue reading

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Every Cat’s Worse Nightmare

Cats are by nature, brave and fearless creatures. Dignified, too, with a formidable composure. A dog, on the other hand, may be loyal and loving and can learn nifty tricks, but they whine. Hard to have composure when you’re whining. … Continue reading

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