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Perspective, Lack of

I was stunned this morning, as we all were, to hear about the devestating earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean and all those people that have been killed. Already estimates of the death toll are at 14,000 and counting. … Continue reading

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Tyson Valley, The Lone Elk, and a Bomb

Christmas Eve I spent at a local place, Lone Elk park, just outside of St. Louis. It’s a large animal preserve and outdoor facility, with a 3.2 mile hike around the perimeter. My new hiking book described the hike as … Continue reading

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Real Link Stuff

I’m not normally a link and comment person, but I’m feeling in a ‘chatty’ mood, so here we go: American Street has created adjunct Perranoski award categories to the Wampum awards. There’s also a contest for best poem featuring the … Continue reading

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While I was Recovering

…from this weekend, a couple of neighborhood type things came up. First, Mr. Delacour has finally gotten off of pot. Oh, excuse me, I have that wrong (need more bananas) — he’s gotten off the pot and rejoined the land … Continue reading

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Listening to Your Inner Monkey

The photos in the last post were from a hike I took to Crane Lake on Sunday. I read in this new hiking book I bought, that it was an ‘easy/moderate’ hike, with a north loop of 3 miles around … Continue reading

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What the Bluebirds and Cardinals Say

The St. Louis metropolitan area lost its last chance for a White Christmas when the major storm headed our way was actually pushed to the south of us by our cold, blustery weather. A few years back, I would have … Continue reading

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The Sexy Rocks I have Known

A haibun is a combination of prose and haiku, with the haiku usually reflecting the writing, but not necessarily directly referencing it. It provides a personal perspective while still being detached; humorous and light, regardless of topic. I learned about … Continue reading

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