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Rent my Background

David Weinberger, that Pygmalian of weblogging, points to an in-depth investigative report that follows on the now famous Incredible JoBlo conference held at Harvard last week. In the report, the hard hitting news hounds at Better Bad News leave no … Continue reading

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A View of Galactica

I agree with Dave Roger’s about the character of Starbuck on SciFi’s new Battlestar Galactica. I’m still somewhat reserved on the show, though it is a cut above many such on nowadays. But I have no reservations in how women … Continue reading

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Dances with Geese

Yesterday was a gray day with mixed rain and snow and slushy grounds and the threat of ice on the road. However, I’ve made a pact with myself to get out and walk everyday, regardless of the weather–around the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Cheap Eats at the Semantic Web Café

It’s a rare event when several seemingly disparate items of interest all come together to form a compelling, coalescent whole. This event happened for me the past few weeks; an experience formed of discussions about digital identity and laws of … Continue reading

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Swivel Stick

Loren, who has been sharing tales of courage and horror from his fearsome youth, recounted one incident with a slippery log and a fall into a swift stream. Ever since, he’s hiked out of his way to avoid having to … Continue reading

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Now this side of the country…Freeze!

You only have to look at the *severe weather map to find that most of the country from the midwest to the east is suffering either high wind advisories or winter storms. We in St. Louis are in the middle … Continue reading

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I Broke Nofollow

I’m still trying to write something on Technorati Tags. What’s slowing me up is there’s been such a great deal of interesting writing on the topic that I keep wanting to add to what I write. And, well, the weather … Continue reading

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