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This is a Disclaimer

This is the only disclaimer I will issue from this site. It reads: I will never issue a disclaimer at this site. Again. The discussion rages around us about how we’re in danger of losing our credibility, or our ethics … Continue reading

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The Other Shoe on Nofollow

I expected this reason to use nofollow would take a few weeks at least, but not the first day. Scoble is happy about the other reason for nofollow: being able to link to something in your writing and not give … Continue reading

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Six Apart has announced what Dave Winer only hinted about and we’ve been expecting — Google and the other search companies have partnered with the weblogging companies to come out with the use of rel=”nofollow”, as a way of dealing … Continue reading

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A Question of Whose Guts

Jarvis is in a tizzy today because of a New York Times article that I gather is not complimentary to the former IraqTheModel blogger, Ali. In particular he accuses the reporter of putting Ali’s life in danger by reporting his … Continue reading

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Give Unto Harvard that which is Harvard’s

According to the Wikipedia article on citizen journalism: Citizen journalism usually involves empowering ordinary citizens — including traditionally marginalized members of society — to engage in activities that were previously the domain of professional reporters. “Doing citizen journalism right means … Continue reading

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Too Late Solutions

Flash at 6: Google calls Dave Winer. Ooo. The suspense. Per Sam Ruby: Robert Sayre: I noticed that the links his comment form have an interesting rel attribute. Implemented. Prediction: that wouldn’t solve the problem. I agree with Sam — … Continue reading

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TBD Tags et al

I’ve been wanting to write something on Technorati Tags, the conference on journalism, blogging, and credibility, as well as a follow-up on LID, and even a little on Wordform (Eh? What’s that?), but all of this deserves a thoughtful discussion, … Continue reading

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