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Road Trip and Spring Break

Saturday I’m off on a road trip where I have no intention of weblogging, or even accessing the internet. I decided that this would be a good time to take a longer break, and focus on matters outside of this … Continue reading

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New Camera

The cell phone I’ve had for over four years finally gave up the ghost this week. And since I’ve had it so long, Sprint provided a 150.00 rebate on a new phone, which would be enough to cover the cost … Continue reading

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False Spring

I haven’t been able to get out for a walk for the last few days, with cold and rainy weather, and too much work that needs to get done by Friday. I did have a nice walk last Saturday — … Continue reading

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WordPress 1.5 Interview

This is one I missed. Craig from Nuclear Moose–great header graphic, BTW–did an interview with Matt Mullenweg and Ryan Boren about the upcoming candidate release of WordPress 1.5. It would seem that rel=nofollow has been implemented by default in WP … Continue reading

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Don’t Link to This

Never attempt to write anything as long as my previous post, directly in the weblogging tool. If you do, you will go mad, and most likely cause harm to your computer or cat, whichever is closer. I did want to … Continue reading

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Accidental Smarts à la mode (a response to just about about any body who is interested)

Responding to the recent discussions about folksonomies and tags, AKMA was forced to make a confession: he is tags challenged: “…I should pause to say that I’m not a natural for “tags.â€? I’ve hardly ever used tags. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Just a Test

Don’t mind this post, I’m just testing something. But ‘hi’ anyway. How’s tricks? don’t click.

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