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Tagback Seed is Sprouting

As you can see from the initial Tagback, created for yesterday’s post, several people have added weblog posts that tagback to the original item. In addition, a new tag, tagback, was created, and since neither the original bbintroducingtagback … Continue reading

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Introducing: Tagback

The purpose of Trackback initially was to ping the readers of another’s post about something they may want to know about. Of course, we immediately started using it as a referrer link (“Hi, I linked to you!”) So, we’re dropping … Continue reading

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Daily Hits via Technorati

Through Technorati I found a post where Roland Tanglao referenced my post on trackback being dead. There was a discussion in comments about Technorati opening up Watchlists and API queries. Hmmm. I then created a watchlist of my base URL, … Continue reading

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Bad Webloggers. Bad

As you can see, I’m still getting pingbacks, even with removing the link to the pingback server from my page header. The reason for this, most likely, is because in the WordPress code somewhere, my site is responding affirmatively to … Continue reading

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Some Things Aren’t Worth Saving

I remember back when Trackback was first introduced. I was like everyone else, jumping up and down at this new way of ‘threading the void’. Well, we’ve just been hung dry on the threads and we’ve all come crashing down. … Continue reading

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Close Up and Not so Personal

I am late to this game, but I thought if I was going to be writing about tags, I would try out the various software that people are using. So, I finally signed up for a flickr account. Yeah, give … Continue reading

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I am working on a follow up post on tags and folksonomies, but the going is slow, not the least because I’ve been helping folks with trackback spam and various other technical problems. Too much so at one point because … Continue reading

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