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WordPress and the Hidden Articles

An interesting story appeared today about the WordPress site, and several thousand articles that could be found in a Disclaimer. I’m hesitant to even write about this, knowing the web’s fondness for angry mob justice, but I feel like … Continue reading

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The Little CC license that could, or When Technology is All Busted Up

Phil Ringnalda points to the new Yahoo Creative Commons search engine and notices that because the engine is relying purely on links to CC licenses to pull out content that is supposedly licensed as CC, there is going to be … Continue reading

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The Audience

Working at Tinfoil reminded me that I really hadn’t posted many photos from my recent trip. I’ve added several to the Tinfoil weblog–they’ll give you something new to look at while I tear everything else apart. I picked Disneyworld and … Continue reading

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The Shop

The Shop: Update. I installed both Coppermine and Gallery photo management software, and after playing around, I decided to stay with Gallery. Coppermine is nice, and a very clean interface. However, Gallery, with it’s themes and pages of configuration allows … Continue reading

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Girl Doves are from Venus Boy Doves are from Brooklyn

The weather has warmed enormously and all of the birds are out busy making new birds, including the mourning doves. In fact, my window is open and I hear one right next to my window, with that sad, soft, mournful … Continue reading

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Most people liked the change to the serif fonts, but not all. So I took the Delacour route and have implemented a style switcher. Hopefully you’ll see the default of this weblog when you load the page the first time. … Continue reading

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Telling a Story

Loren Webster has taken his new addictionfascination with PhotoShop and combined it with philosophical reminisces of cars he’s owned into a set of really lovely posts, beginning with this one about a boy and his Studebaker. I like every form … Continue reading

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