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More on Track/Tagbacks and bad guy stuff

Tom Coates of Plastic Bag has decided that Trackback is dead. Now, where have I heard that before… He also goes on that comments could possibly be dead, too. However, in this I disagree with him — not everyone that … Continue reading

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Oddly enough, the venting in my last two posts has put me in a better mood. Regardless of what happens next month, or even next week, I have a piece of software to rollout and a cute cat snuggled up … Continue reading

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Shelley, You Suck

As was pointed out in comments, according to Bill Gates–a kid born rich who got richer– since I am an unemployed computer tech, I must suck. Anybody who’s got good computer science training, they are not out there unemployed,” Gates … Continue reading

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New Internet

I have much to say on Foster’s new Internet, but I hesitated to do so because I’ve had emails from folks the last month complimenting me on my enthusiastic and positive tone of voice in my recent weblog posts. My … Continue reading

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Top of the World

Today I was on top of the world..well, at least the top of the world here in Missouri. I finally visited Taum Sauk, the tallest point in this state. I also decided to walk the three mile Mina Sauk trail … Continue reading

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Your own set of Twisties

Just a note: if you want a lovely set of your own twisties, I should be finished with a first release of Wordform in a few days and would have plenty of time to help you move to a different … Continue reading

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Serenity Trailer

I know a few people who will be perked up by this. The Serenity trailer is out, as per discussion at MeFi. (Thanks to Karl for the notice.) Thanks to you all I have become addicted to this show and … Continue reading

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