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Mighty Meta and Mountains

I’ve added the first use of metadata into Wordform and am playing with it here at Burningbird. If you look in the sidebar at the bottom, you’ll see a link labeled “Photos only”. Clicking on this will list the posts, … Continue reading

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Even Tired Eyes can see beyond

Another story in the news is two new Hubble images released by NASA to celebrate the telescope’s 15 year anniversary. The Eagle Nebula: And the Whirlpool Galaxy: It’s good to be reminded that life is full of moments of infinite … Continue reading

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For the last few days, I’ve mainly focused on coding and the only reading I’ve done is through my aggregator, and then only enough to keep up. I finally took a moment this evening to check the news and was … Continue reading

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My last two posts, outside of being a lame attempt at humor, are being used to test some of the work I’ve done with the metadata layer of Wordform. I am about to take a break from the work, though, … Continue reading

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Jailhouse Cats

Thanks to Bob Marley for the tune.

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Natural Order of Things

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Gay Rights and Blue Screen of Death

How disappointing that the long fought for gay rights bill lost by one vote in Washington state. And how much this loss can be placed on Microsoft’s sudden decision to withdraw support is hard to say, other than it couldn’t … Continue reading

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