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May Days

I am determined to finish all my unfinished, planned, hoped for, dreamed of posts by end of this month. These mock me, these unfinished writings, sitting at the top of my edit window taking up screen real estate (note to … Continue reading

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Weblogging is for Winners: Backlash

Joi Ito recently wrote something about his weblog and the commentary he gets from people. He was concerned that the responses were making him wary of what he wrote, and this, in turn, was making him boring. Several people responded–over … Continue reading

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Mechanic to the Weblogging Stars

I finished Doug’s port of WordPress 1.3beta to Wordform yesterday, though it was a struggle at times. Doug’s server is heavily restricted, including operating under severe PHP memory throttles we had to turn off just to do the upgrade. But … Continue reading

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Trusting Souls

Even with my hand wringing, security obsessing worries and warnings, two folks have bravely decided to drink the Wordform KoolAid (sans the pesky metadata section for the nonce). I’m porting Doug Alder tomorrow–working with his site live (brave, brave, soul). … Continue reading

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Bright Spot oh Yeah-Us

Norm Jenson posted another video, but rather than one on politics or featuring Jon Stewart, it’s on the waterfalls of Yosemite Park. It really brightened up my evening. Nothing better than rainbows. Oh yeah-us. Nothing better than rainbows.

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The Open Source Dance

While I struggle with my own security demons, Thomas Waldegger emailed to let me know that the BugTraq security alert for WordPress has gone live. I am still getting requests for a patch file for this issue, and would rather … Continue reading

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Securing the Form

Wordform’s metadata extensions require form elements with a minimum of a button to push — usually with fields to fill in. These form elements are incorporated into the general gen_metadata.php page, depending on which extension is currently being invoked. The … Continue reading

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