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Meme Cross-Fire

I am now caught in the crossfires of two memes: one having to do with books and a deserted island; the other having to do with music. Rather than answer each individually, I’ve decided to combine them into one post, … Continue reading

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I heard your Pain

Well, I heard your pain and have modified my Burningbird theme to something I hope is a bit easier to read. To be honest, when I was tired and had been working on the computer for some time, even I … Continue reading

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The Copyright Theme

I thought I would take my new Wordform theme out for a spin, let you all see what it looks like. It’s a work in progress, so it may not show correctly in all browsers. I was inspired by the … Continue reading

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Sunday Flickr Games

Flickr moving to DHTML gave me an idea, and this afternoon I converted my old crystal pick-a-pair game over to the brand new Flick-a-Pair Match game. This is a variation of the old game of Concentration, where you would put … Continue reading

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Lines in the Screen

Thanks to Suw Charman (and here and here), I found out what that magenta line down my PowerBook laptop monitor is most likely caused by — a short in the connection between the ribbon cable and the monitor. Seems to … Continue reading

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I, Hypocrite

In deference to those who are tired of my discussions about links and linking and gender or racial disparity, I’ll try to keep this post short. I’ll fail, of course; but I’ll at least try. I had stopped reading Scoble … Continue reading

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Flickr DHTML: First Looks

Flickr recently pulled its use of Flash in some of the pages and replaced it with DHTML (Dynamic HTML). If you’re not familiar with DHTML, it’s a mix of scripting language and underlying page ‘object’ model’ used to modify the … Continue reading

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