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Syndication Feeds are hazardous to your humor

I have found in my years of being on the absolute, outer fringes of the world of syndication, that increasing exposure to efforts related to syndication feeds, formats, development, and/or other related work can have a serious impact on your … Continue reading

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This is for Maria, a fellow hunter of giant squid. One day, not so long ago, I visited Los Angeles for whatever reason and since I’d never been there before I decided to do some sightseeing. I rode a bus … Continue reading

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More Weather Talk

We are never going to get any rain. Even now, I can look at the Weather Underground radar and see a huge storm system break apart and dissipate as soon as it hits the high pressure area hovering over our … Continue reading

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Instead of working on my application this morning, I have been spending time reading various weblogs, as well as participating in a few; such as this one at Sam Ruby where Dare says syndication is being built into the operating … Continue reading

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I Have Pointy Hats to Sell

I’m in the middle of an application I hope to roll out tomorrow if the pieces fall into place. I’m pushing up the publication date to celebrate all the Web 2.0 activity this week (both Yahoo and Google released map … Continue reading

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You know you’ve been in tech too long…

..when you refer to the upcoming weekend weather as cooler, should be in the 8x in an email.

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Breaking out all Web 2.0 Week

I don’t care if the weather is hot enough to burn you when you touch metal, I have to get out for some walks or go mad. And if I continue going mad, like I have been, I’ll chase you … Continue reading

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