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The weather continues too hot to do more than walk from the door to your car and back again. As it is, I park down the hill and feel faint walking back. Tomorrow, they’ve issued a heat advisory, and the … Continue reading

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A Busy Supreme Court

The Supreme Court issued four significant rulings today, before taking their summer break. The first, which has been getting most of the attention, is the Grokster ruling. Though I’m not quite as complacent as Don Park about the ruling, I … Continue reading

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Today’s outing to the St. Louis PrideFest 2005 parade did not begin auspiciously–we were hit from behind by a lady driving an SUV. Luckily my roommate, who was giving me a lift, drives a larger van and we could drive … Continue reading

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Bubble Wrap Up

I’m not going to be spending a lot of time on the the topic of Microsoft’s embrace of RSS, primarily because the implementation of much of this stretches too far out into the future. When the tech hits my hands, … Continue reading

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Microsoft, RSS, and CC

The big news at Gnomedex I gather was that Microsoft was incorporating support for RSS in it’s new generation of IE, IE 7.x, as well as other components of the upcoming Longhorn operating system. In all the excitement, I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Don’t Visit St. Louis

Normally I encourage people to visit St. Louis and Missouri, but I wouldn’t recommend this area to anyone for any reason for the next two months. The heat index hit over 100 today and should hit 105 tomorrow, and it’s … Continue reading

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Killer Bambis and other Tales of the Wild

The bites on my legs have improved and worsened, depending on which ones you look at. The one on my left inside ankle and right knee are just small purple dots. The one on my inside calf area of the … Continue reading

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