Syndication Feeds are hazardous to your humor

I have found in my years of being on the absolute, outer fringes of the world of syndication, that increasing exposure to efforts related to syndication feeds, formats, development, and/or other related work can have a serious impact on your sense of humor–not to mention your sense of perspective.

That’s why I like to focus much of my effort in RDF: most of the Important People think RDF is a joke, so we RDFers feel free to spend our time having fun. No, seriously–we’re a giggle a minute. And we never dismiss those who want to chat about RDF. Heck, we’re usually grateful.

And we all have cute cats.

Don Park has been both farked and slashdotted and his site is still holding up.

The Slashdot thread is focusing on Don’s recent post, talking about the security risks inherent with having binary data attached to an XML feed, i.e. enclosures in syndication feeds. And my, aren’t the Slashdotters in rare form with this one.

Still, there are some very good comments in and among the usual. You may never look at podcasting the same way again

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4 Responses to Syndication Feeds are hazardous to your humor

  1. In the interest of getting it out there before any real critic can: After trying to read through the RDF specification, I can only deduce RDFers really do have a sense of humor.

    The above comment is not endorsed by its poster, or by the American Dairy Association (due to it’s total lack of cheese references).

  2. Don Park says:

    RDFer Madness! ;-)

  3. Shelley says:

    Yuz, I wild and crazy RDF woman.

    Scary thought, eh?

  4. Mary says:

    > I wild and crazy RDF woman.

    Bwahahahahaha :))