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Lurking Tool Hit One

I was asked in the BlogHer chat if my ears were burning and I can see why — I was mentioned in the opening session debate of the conference. Here is a liveblogging account where Mena Trott says that I … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

I’ve spent some time today with the live chat session for BlogHer and enjoyed chatting with the other participants. I am impressed with the multi-faceted coverage of this event — and how much I enjoyed the chat, considering I don’t … Continue reading

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Sugar and Spice

I finally found out what was causing the problems with the post When We Are Needed in IE: it’s called the “Magic Creeping Text” bug. It’s caused by having a left border for a blockquote (or other marginalized blocks), without … Continue reading

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Chocolate. I use Chocolate.

You, too, could be suffering Severe Blog Depression or SBD. Left untreated, SBD can lead to some seriously twisted mental behavior, as demonstrated in this comment found at the Blog Depression site: Well… I don’t know about the rest of … Continue reading

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To Google, Pregnancy is Evil

Google’s motto is “Do no Evil”. We have to assume the company includes getting pregnant as an act of evil, according to a recently filed job discrimination lawsuit. ZDNet writes: Christina Elwell, who was promoted to national sales director in … Continue reading

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Follow-Up to When We are Needed

The discussion following my posting of When We are Needed last week split into two different directions: one focused on the discussion of women, competition, and need; one focused more on the tech job market in this country and the … Continue reading

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Still Wired

I did not cancel my internet connection on Monday, after all. I needed to keep it up for some work I’m doing this week, but planned on canceling it at month end. However, I had a nice conversation with a … Continue reading

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