Odds and Ends

I’ve spent some time today with the live chat session for BlogHer and enjoyed chatting with the other participants. I am impressed with the multi-faceted coverage of this event — and how much I enjoyed the chat, considering I don’t normally care for IRC. I’m looking forward to listening to the taped sessions.

I’ve also been working on the community aspects of the JournURL documentation and if any of you lurkers feel particularly playful this weekend, feel free to jump in at the Burningbird Community or weblog and leave comments, sign up for accounts, and in general be a nuisance so that I can play around with comment and discussion management. There’s also a quiz for you to take: What Should Shelley Do Next?

I’ve also been working on some code. To help me see who else has linked to a post, I created a page called Linkers. Dragging the top link to the Firefox toolbar and then clicking it when I’m in a page sets the links for the link aggregator tools. Clicking on any of them, then, brings up the page with any links. You can use this page yourself, or grab the code and setup in your own space–just change the URL of the page. No AJAX though; XMLHttpRequest only works with local pages.

I’m also working on an extended set of functionality for integrating photos and weblogs. I’ve managed to isolate my photo software into working with any page, and you can see a basic edition here, using Lauren from Feministe’s post. I didn’t think Lauren would mind me testing the app on her pages, and I’ll be removing the ability to add new pages from this test site on Monday. But for now, you can try it with any page that has Flickr photos embedded. Just use http://weblog.burningbird.net/photo_rdf/photo.php?post= and then add the post URI. The first time you access the page, the data is cached using RDF (just the data, not the pics). After that, it opens quickly.

Eventually the complete and expanded functionality will be packaged for use in customizing people’s site, whether they use Flickr or not. I am experimenting around with a number of tags, and using these to trigger a number of different options, including Google Maps, Paypal to pay for photo prints, a photo album Link Tinfoil Project, and so on. The basic code will be free — the customization is on a for hire basis.

Speaking of which, I have a tax bill coming due in a couple of weeks and am looking for development work. Not necessarily design work: I am comfortable with PHP, MySQL, a host of open source tools, CSS and XHTML, but not necessarily with helping people design their sites. I don’t think that’s my forté.

I am hoping folks will like some of the things I’ll be rolling out next week and will want to add them to their sites. I’m also going to be adding back in my Paypal donate button, and selling prints of photos. I do have job interviews next week with local businesses, and hopefully something will come of these. However, these are part-time jobs, and not high paying, so I need to keep my existing options open, and find new avenues of income. Makes life interesting.

Of course, once I sell my book, “Tall Tales of Tech: Bedtime Stories for the Geek and Geek at Heart”, I’ll have oodles of money. Then it will be my treat.

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5 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh, I love seeing my kitties get their deserved love. ;)

  2. Shelley says:

    I figured you’d get a kick out of it Lauren. And when the full photo functionality is finished, we can ‘do’ your site if you’re interested, in exchange for future help in weblog design ;-)

  3. laura says:

    Shelley, I wish I could hire you right now. (And don’t assume I won’t try sometime in the future!) But I bet you could get some revenue from making your writing work pay somehow. You are a wonderful writer! Ads here, even. I know, not appealing.

    It was great “meeting” you in the chat. Glad you had fun. It was a great day all around.

  4. ralph says:

    Just what I needed, *easy* access to the information that tells me nobody reads me…. :-)

  5. Lauren says:

    Sure thing!