Still Wired

I did not cancel my internet connection on Monday, after all. I needed to keep it up for some work I’m doing this week, but planned on canceling it at month end. However, I had a nice conversation with a person from Charter Communications today and we worked out an equitable solution to our existing contract dispute.

I am canceling the television portion of the cable, but keeping the internet at discounted price (which is a good price). In return I agree to keep the connection until December, the remaining time on the contract according to their records.

Note that I expect the SciFi fans among you to keep me updated on the Stargates and Battlestar Galactica storylines.

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5 Responses to Still Wired

  1. SB says:

    Can’t help with Stargate, but I believe Battlestar Gallactica has been picked up by NBC — at least, the local affiliate here has it.

  2. Charles says:

    I just rented a new apartment and to my horror, the local telco says they have not qualified that location for DSL. But they won’t know for sure until they check the line on Monday. I would never have rented this apartment if I knew it wouldn’t have DSL available. But it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be available. I guess I’ll find out on Monday. Good thing I signed a month-to-month lease, if I don’t have DSL, I’m outta there. I won’t be able to run my server to host my blog on a cable modem. I pay $40 for 1284/860 DSL plus $15 for a block of 5 static IPs, total $55 per month. To get 4000/768 bandwidth from a business class cable modem account, they want $240 a month! Sure it’s way faster downstream, but I only care about the upstream, which is even less than I’m getting now, for over 4x the price.
    So I might have to migrate to a professional webhost, and there aren’t many QuickTime Streaming Server webhosts. I found one that charges $50 for a modest upstream bandwidth, but they haven’t gotten back to me and it’s been a week since I emailed them, that’s not a good sign. And with the constant hammering of MovableType by comment spammers, I’m not sure how a metered bandwidth host is going to work out.

  3. Tim says:

    Glad you’re still with us, BB.

  4. Shelley says:

    SB, we’re in a tower shadow, and can’t get reception, so this will be the end of TV. Which is fine.

    Charles, I’m not sure who could support a stream either. Did you check with Norm Jenson? He runs a lot of videos.

    Tim, well, I’m still online. But I do need to cut back from this blogging thing. Doesn’t put food on the table, and gas in the car.

  5. Charles says:

    Thanks Shelley. I checked Norm’s website, he does Progressive Download, not Streaming, so I don’t think his host would work for me. My configuration is pretty locked to Quicktime Streaming Server, so that means MacOS X hosting with QTSS, or a bleeding edge RedHat/QTSS host.
    But all might not be lost. I talked to the landlord today and she said she was pretty sure DSL was available in that area. But I’m not sure she knows what she’s talking about. I guess I’ll know monday. But I wouldn’t mind using a hosting service, I am feeling tied down by my server, it would be nice to have my blog stay up while I am moving around. And I feel the urge to wander, maybe even off this continent.