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Tupperware and Conversations

I don’t necessarily disagree as strongly as Dave Rogers does about the concept of markets are conversations. I do think his points are good, especially the most recent one about a salesperson using a situation to turn a supposed customer … Continue reading

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Learning Lessons from President Wilson

MediaGirl wrote a well thought and extensively argued essay in response to another thoughtful essay written by Liza Sabatar at Daily Kos. Both were about a recent conference call with NARAL about a controversial NARAL sponsored ad against Supreme Court … Continue reading

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I had to borrow the car today so I took my roommate into work and picked him up. As usual, I hung my arm out the open window when I drove, and when I got to roomie’s place of business, … Continue reading

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Baja Hurricane

New Orleans wasn’t hit as badly as it could have been, but it was hit badly — the weather service says it is suffering from fresh water flooding, and there was extensive wind damage. Already the police are being swamped … Continue reading

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We are not the Red Cross

DailyKos is running a board for folks needing shelter. There’s also something over at LiveJournal and a hurricane blog (links via Rogers Cadenhead). This is all cool and I love seeing people helping each other. Having said that… What the … Continue reading

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No such thing as a quiet marketer

I don’t know what it is, but I’m really tired today. And since I don’t want to post variations of “Oh, No!” every hour for the next 24, I think now is a good time to focus on finishing some … Continue reading

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Category 5?

If Katrina makes it to a Category 5, as big as she is, and then hits Louisiana and the New Orleans area, well, puts things in perspective about some guy with a bomb in a subway. I cannot believe how … Continue reading

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