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I agree with Karl Martino in his disgust with both Pat Robertson and that pathetic minister from Kansas, Fred Phelps. Don’t need atheists to say anything bad about Christianity when you have men like this out witnessing for the faithful–usually … Continue reading

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Photos, Flickr, and Back Doors

By accident, I discovered that I was in violation of Flickr’s Terms of Use today. According to the TOS, Flickr is not a image hosting service. I’m not sure how it differs from an ‘image hosting’ service, other than I … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with this lady

The conditions look very good for Hurricane Katrina to be a very nasty affair when it hits land. There’s little or no shear to tear it apart, and the water in the Gulf is bathtub hot. If it hits on … Continue reading

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Modern Marvels

Last night, I actually had my first video call through my computer. It was a trip. I enjoyed the experience immensely. You see, that’s the advantage of not being the first to use a technology: when something is old hat … Continue reading

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Too Good to Miss

One last gem for Friday, Slashdot writes on a soon to be released report from Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Ulster University that, well, read for yourself. From the Independent: Men are more likely to win Nobel prizes … Continue reading

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Frolicsome Reading

Fridays are a good day to indulge in the work of others that gives me so much delight. I am lucky in your gifts–too many to list all, so I’ll just have to pick out a few this time around. … Continue reading

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My Cat, the Little Princess

Been a long time since I did a shaggy cat story. You all know Zoë, my cat. My little princess. My sweet faced little adorable furball. My lovely little, silver-haired darling. Otherwise known as “The Bitch”. Zoë is a bird … Continue reading

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