I had to borrow the car today so I took my roommate into work and picked him up. As usual, I hung my arm out the open window when I drove, and when I got to roomie’s place of business, I noticed I had these tiny little blisters over most of my arm. I knew it was burned from the trip last week, but it looked more tanned than not. I guess the exposure to the sun today was too much.

I look like I have white measles. But you don’t want to hear that. You might want to hear, though, that I’ve removed the Google Ads. Again. See what you miss when you read this through an aggregator?

I’m not sure if it was the fundamentalist religous ads that kept popping up, equating disasters such as hurricanes to loss of faith; or the ‘sell your blood’ ad associated with the posts encouraging people to donate blood to the Red Cross. I do know that the pennies I get each day to run the ads aren’t worth seeing crap like that in my weblog. Once I went to full syndication feeds, the click through rates tanked, and I don’t want to take time to tweak the ads through channels to filter out the type of businesses that seem to be making Google rich.

If I embedded the ads directly in my posts, I might break a buck a day; but I’m already feeling a little disassociated from the weblog by providing the full feeds–I don’t want to add yet more ‘stuff’ to the site. What can I say? I suck at marketing.

I think ads work when you have a focused site on a ‘safe’ topic, like photography. They’re also profitable if you really work it, like those who supposedly make thousands of dollars a month. If I have a focused site, I may add them back, but not in Burningbird; not when I talk on so many different topics. Yeah, I know: I suck at marketing.

I’ll have to send a note into Google to cancel the account. They take up to 90 days to pay when you cancel–it takes so long for them to process an email since they won’t automate the cancellation process. I guess the company is a lot like the Hotel California: you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave. However, Google doesn’t suck at marketing.

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11 Responses to Threshold

  1. It’s possible you’re having an allergic reaction… did you wear a different lotion? Or are you taking a medication that might render you photosensitive?

  2. ARJ says:

    > Yeah, I know: I suck at marketing.

    That must be why I like your blog. :-)

  3. loren says:

    If you keep this up I’m going to lose faith that I could ever make enough money on my web site to pay for itself.

    Hopefully, by the time I can no longer afford the site I’ll have run out of things to say, though some people might argue that that has already happened.

  4. Shelley says:

    Pascale, no new medicines or lotions. Haven’t been feeling 100% lately, but I think that’s the never ending summer. I’ll just have to remember the sunscreen.

    ARJ, you are a woman of excellent good taste :)

    Loren: …some people might argue that that has already happened.

    Not a chance!

  5. Darryl says:

    Too bad you haven’t figured out how to monetize your efforts :(

  6. Shelley says:

    Thanks, Darryl. I don’t know if I mind that much. I look at Russle Beattie’s weblog, and you have to search through the Google ads just to find his writing. Or the folks that make all the money–you can’t tell where the ‘marketing’ stops and the ‘thing to be marketed’ begins. I want to write nice stories. I want to post pretty or strange or funny photos. I want to create something interesting with code.

    But then, I’m also feeling a bit peakish tonight. All I want to do is quietly tinker and have fun with you all. Ask me tomorrow, though, and I’ll probably want money ;-)

  7. I just can’t seem to get on-phase with your ads: first go-round I hated them, especially how inappropriate they were; this time, I was just starting to really enjoy choosing the most inappropriate one, the person or company that most needed to give some of their money to you, to click whenever I finished with an entry.

  8. Julian Bond says:

    “Google AdSense Sucks for Bloggers”

    Go on, shout it from the rooftops. Sure, if you set up a group of blogs with very narrow focus and then tailor the content to high paying AdSense keywords, you can make some money. But for all of the rest of us who blog about what *we* find interesting, Google is absolutely hopeless at providing interesting ads that people might actually want to click on. What’s worst is when you get deluged with ads for blog hosting services. Hello? All my readers (all 5 of them!) already have a blog. Why would they want to sign up for another? And you’ve pointed out a key problem where the Ads from Google are ideologically unsound from the POV of the blog author. Hence the talk last year about publisher driven advertising. Me, I want Last.FM style radio buttons on each Ad that only I can see. “Love it, Ban it”. Sure, Google lets me ban ads, but it’s hard work, IE only and a PITA. It should be simple. And there’s metadata in them thar radio button pushes.

    There’s space here for a new Ad placement service targeting blog publishers. Open Listings anyone?

  9. Shelley says:

    Ah well, Phil. Thank you for clicking through, but when I saw the ad encouraging people to sell their blood, well, enough was enough.

    Julian, I think these types of ad placement services already exist. It’s just most are geared to the political weblogs.

  10. Sean Conner says:

    I too have Google Ads on my sidebar, but I have at the top of the ads:

    I have to check to see if the Google Ads TOS may allow me to make editorial comments about some of the ads appearing here …

    And below:

    The advertisements displayed here may not reflect my views. Google keys these ads off keywords and filtering technology that is imperfect and may result in some rather amusing juxtapositions of content and advertising.You have been warned.

    So far, it started out as nothing but co-location and diet ads, then gambling sites (one entry about gambling spam, and I one about Las Vegas and roulette systems) and now it’s back to blogging ads.

    Sad really, as Google actually asked me to join Google Ads. I thought the Google filtering software would be better than it is, and I’m too lazy to fine tune the ads.

    But Google has been pissing me off in other ways lately …

  11. laura says:

    BlogAds is a service that allows you to set the rates and pre-screen the ads. Let me know if you’d like an “invite.”