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Serenity Countdown Part Duex

I gather that searching on “Serenity Countdown” in Google returns my weblog as the top result. Two guesses on what I’m getting hit with today, and the first doesn’t count. Between this and “architeuthis dux”, who needs links from the … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Taste

I’m reading a lovely little book titled Bittersweet Country, edited by Ozarkian author Ellen Gray Massey. It contains the best articles from a periodical named Bittersweet, published by Massey’s English class from the Lebanon, Missouri high school. The magazine focuses … Continue reading

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Dropping Fast

Thanks to a note from a friend, I found out that in the last week or so, I’ve lost several hundred links and several hundred points in the link race at Technorati. I guess I had my 15 minutes of, … Continue reading

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Botanical Goodness

I wanted to thank Daniel Mosquin for his kind words about my photographs, and also take this opportunity to point to his Botany Photo of the Day site. It’s really a terrific site to explore. In fact, I was exploring … Continue reading

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Later, Sooner

The “more later” in the last post was much less than expected — my site’s server went down when I tried to post earlier today. I attended the Red Cross orientation today, and put in all my paperwork. I gather … Continue reading

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I leave for the Red Cross orientation in a few hours, after another night where I didn’t sleep well. I think much of this is my lack of anticipation in taking my roommate to work and having to face that … Continue reading

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Update on Giant Squid

I’m being inundated with Google and other searches looking for information on giant squid or architeuthis dux, and people coming to my previous entries (such as this). This is such an amazing story, and lots of people are hopping up … Continue reading

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