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Giant Squid Captured on Film

If this checks out, the giant squid, Architeuthis Dux has been captured on film by a Japanese research team. Marine biologists have been trying to film a live, adult giant squid for decades. This is a major breakthrough, especially as … Continue reading

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The New Catholic Inquisition

The first of the new Catholic Inquisitions is happening in St. Louis today. Many people in this community, and that includes many Catholics, have been saddened and disillusioned by this, the Church’s new witch hunt. Personally, I think this will … Continue reading

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Squid Stuff

PZ Myers goes into wonderful detail on how cephlapods can bite with no internal skeleton; and Danny points to a photo of a baby octopus. Which most likely won’t be biting very hard.

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Remix RSS Podcast

Roland Tanglao has posted a link to his “Remixing RSS” presentation, including podcast that he gave at the Vancouver Web 2.0 conference. He’ll also be presenting this at XML 2005 this November in my neck of the woods. He’ll be … Continue reading

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Sleepless in St. Lou

I’m not sure why but every change of the season I usually have one restless night where I don’t get any sleep and last night was it for Fall. I did have a couple of very good books to read, … Continue reading

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Spoiler alert: This post discusses the last episode of Battlestar Galactica, aired Friday night, in detail. Battlestar Galactica features several characters that are Cylons, though they look human. Most of the Cylon characters in re-occurring roles are women, specifically Boomer … Continue reading

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