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Accessing the Newsgator API within PHP

One of the programming jobs I’ve had recently was to provide PHP functions to access the Newsgator SOAP API; hiding as much of the SOAP bits as possible. I used the nuSOAP PHP library as the basis for my work. … Continue reading

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Shall We Dance

In 1996, the director Masayuki Suo wrote and directed a quiet little movie called Shall We Dansu (Dance). In 2004, an Americanized version was filmed, this time directed by Peter Chelsom. I watched both recently: the American version first, then … Continue reading

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Babble Meadow

My train leaves in about 8 hours and I’m not going to try to nap before taking it. Instead, I’m going to write, about this and that, until I have to close my computer and pack it. My mother did … Continue reading

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The Testosterone Meme

After checking out the web site for a few weeks now I’ve made several observations: First, most of the stories covered are about business, rather than technology. The companies in focus may be technical, but the stories are about … Continue reading

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The Wordform/WordPress Metaform

Time to start releasing some code. The Metaform RDF extension and plugins are finally really for beta use. The Metaform Extension creates a new page in your WordPress weblog that provides a home for all metadata extensions. You’ll also need … Continue reading

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The Bottoms Up RDF Tutorial

When I wrote the first chapter of the book, Practical RDF I used the analogy of the blind men describing an elephant to describe how people see RDF. With the original fable, each blind man would feel a different part … Continue reading

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Truth Hurts

There are a lot of people upset at a Forbes Magazine cover story on weblogs (free and easy registration required). Of course, it seeks to generate heat by the lead-in, which is inflammatory to say the least: Web logs are … Continue reading

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