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In case I was too subtle in the last post, if you have a gmail account, I would immediately check to see if any of the emails in your incoming or outgoing folders have a password in them. If so, … Continue reading

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Salt Lake City has a nice airport — good view of the mountains, nice places to sit and relax. I had a three hour break there between flights and had a chance to get a sandwich and a beer. When … Continue reading

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Google Base II

Made it to the airport, despite moose in the road. First time at an airport since 9/11. Had to unload each laptop in their own trays, my shoes, my coat, and my camera into separate trays (not to mention my … Continue reading

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Last Looks

Just like the time a hundred years or so ago, I’m watching something odd on TV and posting while I wait for a lift to the airport. I did decide on the airport shuttle, and talked to a very nice … Continue reading

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Danny Ayers provides a comprehensive list of semantic web related links for the last week. As Phil Ringnalda wrote in his cruft-free URL post, Danny is an essential source for all things semantic web, whether RDF related or not. I … Continue reading

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Latest update on train: Estimated arrival: 1 hour and 23 minutes late. As of the last report at 2:43 pm at Glasgow, MT (GGW), it was running 2 hours and 17 minutes late. It was a broken rail. Question is, … Continue reading

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The Mountain

IF THE MOUNTAIN WILL NOT COME TO MOHAMMED, MOHAMMED WILL GO TO THE MOUNTAIN – “If one cannot get one’s own way, one must adjust to the inevitable. The legend goes that when the founder of Islam was asked to … Continue reading

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