More New Toys

I still love Locomotive, but I haven’t forgotten my PHP, or my first love, RDF. (Note to self: get out more).

Anyway, I spotted the following at the RAP (RDF API for PHP) site:

RAP 0.93 will be released in January 2006 and will include support for the SPARQL query language and the SPARQL protocol.

I’ve been waiting for this to implement more evil plans. Oh rapturous joy! Oh sublime happiness!

I am dancing a jig. Do you see me?

*dance* *dance*

Happy face.


(I danced on Zoë’s tail…)

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One Response to More New Toys

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve been out of this programming lark altogether too long. I can get a faint hazy sense that SPARQL support in an RDF API for PHP would probably be a Good Thing, but ask me what it would actually enable people to do and I’ll do my best goldfish impression. Perhaps I need to do some more reading.