Only Nine Hundred and Ninety-Four Shopping Years until the next Millennium

A few links to festivities and the last photos of 2005.

*George Thomas Clark presents: John Wayne Reviews Brokeback Mountain. Child safe version at Editor and Publisher.

Inspired by my own post on this movie, or I should say the comments, Ralph has found a replacement for ‘You Rock!’. Henceforth to be used by all the really cool kids.


On to 2006 and future hope:

Lou Joseph does the New Year around the world, summed up by Sheila Lennon.


A wonderous post on unbecoming from Ethan: I want to unbecome a person who does not live his dreams.

A man who is following his dreams is Rob, who wrote: And I would walk 500.05 miles and I would walk 500.05 more just to be the man who walked a thousand point one miles to fall down at your door!

His goal for 2006: 1200 miles.


Ken is dancing the night away with black tie and tux, Maria shows us her footware, as the California storms rage round her, and Phil Pearson snaps sunrise, 2006 in New Zealand.

Me? I’m just looking for a good picture to close out 2005.

Ah, yes! This one fits the ticket!


Have a Happy. Have a Safe. Have a Cookie!

*I had considered posting a link to the Huffington Post version of George Clark’s review, but the comments were more than I could take. Instead, I’ll just repeat what I wrote in my own comments, in response to those who seem to have problems with gay love:

As for displays, I’ve found that watching genuine affection between people regardless of their gender to be uplifting. It’s rare nowadays to see such love and care. One of the most loving men I know is gay and Episcopalian, with a strong true faith, love of gardening, his old dog, his church, and his partner of many years.

I’d rather watch men kissing than killing each other. It amazes me that we’ve made it to 2006 and still celebrate the latter while condemning the former.

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4 Responses to Only Nine Hundred and Ninety-Four Shopping Years until the next Millennium

  1. Sam Ruby says:

    Um, shouldn’t that be 995?

  2. Shelley says:

    That’s what I said: Only Nine Hundred and Ninety-Four Shopping Years until the new Millenneum.

    Give or take a year.

    Or so.

  3. “I’d rather watch men kissing than killing each other.” Yes.

  4. Pat says:

    Unselfish love between two people is sacramental, regardless of sexual orientation.