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Octopi Goodies

The joy of being known for one’s interest in cephlapods is that one gets links to all sorts of interesting stories. A friend who walks among us, cloaked as King Henry did among his men before battle, sent me a … Continue reading

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Weblogging is not ‘tech’

Weblogging is not ‘tech’. Weblogging uses technology, but is not, in and of itself, ‘technology’. Weblogging conferences are not technology conferences — not unless the focus of the conference is building software, not using it. When you’re a weblogger, this … Continue reading

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Bird photos. Flower photos. Glass sculpture photos. It’s a picture kind of day. Continue reading

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At Rest

As you can see, today Zoë was catching up on her beauty sleep. The patches in her fur are where she was shaved on the neck and her butt for drawing blood and administrating the radioactive iodine. It will grow … Continue reading

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Green, Green, the Grass is Green

Two stories on search engine companies in the last few weeks, and I have little to write specifically on either. I tend to agree with the ACLU that the issue with the federal subpoena of Google, MSN, and Yahoo doesn’t … Continue reading

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Media Mailed

Tonight I sent off the books for those of you who emailed me your addresses. The UPT is in boxes, and the Practical RDF is in bubble envelopes. Zoë helped me pack the books, so you’ll know which ones are … Continue reading

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Time was slipping by to catch the wintering eagles. I haven’t spotted a one on any trip, and the season will be ending in a few weeks. Today, then, I headed to the Lock & Dam 24 in Clarksville at … Continue reading

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