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The Eagles have Landed

Teaser of photos to come, and a look at O’Reilly’s new publication models–featuring a work by yours truly Continue reading

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Are Black Holes Firewire or USB 2.0?

What’s spooky about cleaning out closets, and I mean really cleaning out closets, is all the stuff you have that has absolutely no value. For instance, I have about 100 zip drive disks. I’ve long gotten rid of the drives, … Continue reading

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Great Book Give Away

Get your copy or Practical RDF or Unix Power Tools here! Continue reading

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The Mean Muds of the Mississippi

The weather is lovely lately, so much so that I’ve attempted twice to go out and get photos of the wintering bald eagles in our area. Both times I’ve gone to locations some form of Eagle Days was happening, and … Continue reading

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Till We Meet Again

I was rather stunned this morning to read a good-bye message from Lauren at Feministe: After almost exactly six years as a blogger, about three of them at this domain, I believe it’s time for me to bow out. My … Continue reading

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Lightroom: Adobe’s Photo Workflow Tool

Recently, Apple came out with a photo workflow tool called Aperture. Sounds like a great tool, considering you have to buy a brand new computer just to use it. Adobe also came out with the beta for its own photo … Continue reading

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End of a Photo Era

My first camera was the newly released Nikon 8008, though I used Nikon cameras previously when I worked for a photographer. I liked the 8008 so much that I ended buying two bodies: one to hold B & W film; … Continue reading

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