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To Serve Webloggers

My favorite lunatic wants us to know he’s better looking than Steve Rubel, but doesn’t make as much money as Hugh MacLeod. You may not make as much money, Alan, but I bet it’s raining right now in London. The … Continue reading

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Our weather is wonderfully mild. I have my window open and in the bird tree across from me I’ve spotted cardinals, mockingbirds, and finches. Their singing complements Annie Lennox’s Into the West from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. It … Continue reading

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Women can’t do math

You Passed 8th Grade Math Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Math? Norm via PZ.

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Ambiguous Specifications do not make Good Technology

Garbage In. Garbage Out. Continue reading

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But I want to Buy

Whiskey, cocaine, and hookers!. Absolutely classic Wonderchicken.

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Tim Bray recently expressed doubts about PHP: So here’s my problem, based on my limited experience with PHP (deploying a couple of free apps to do this and that, and debugging a site for a non-technical friend here and there): … Continue reading

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On the Sunny Side

Congratulations to Karl and Richelle Martino on the birth of their lovely, lovely little girl Emma Rose! She’s a heart stealer, this little darling. She’s already grabbed mine.

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