Our weather is wonderfully mild. I have my window open and in the bird tree across from me I’ve spotted cardinals, mockingbirds, and finches. Their singing complements Annie Lennox’s Into the West from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. It sounds so right, when it ends I may play it again. The song that is, not the birds, though the birds are welcome to sing again, too.

Zoé was just on my lap, but heard something through the open window downstairs and, of course, had to go investigate. At least she left skin on my legs this time. Earlier I had soup for lunch, and when I returned to my computer, she was laying on top of of the keyboard–third time this week. She would lay on the computer when I wasn’t in the room before this, but the only evidence I had then is the dozens of open tab pages in my Firefox browser when I would turn my computer back on.

I’ve been feeling quiet this week, a combination of weather, work, and also the problems with my mouth, specifically two teeth. They anchor one side of a long bridge and both have degraded; the roots of both and the surrounding tissue are badly infected. I’ll meet with an implant specialist about getting implants in place of the teeth and then get fitted for a temporary bridge on Thursday. As soon as this is ready, and my dentist (who I ‘met’ through weblogging BTW) and the specialist and I have worked out our plan, I’ll be able to get the teeth pulled. In the meantime, I’m on antibiotics and Advil.

This information can be categorized as likely more than any of you wanted to know about my personal doings, but I figured at least it’s better than writing on RSS.

My teeth will take most of my income the next few months, but I’ll have a bit extra for other things. Not $99.00 for a leather ipod cover, a mini Mac, or speakers to make my iPod into a HiFi. I’ve been looking at updating my Windows laptop, as the one I have is getting too old for much of today’s software. What I’d rather do is get one of the new Macbooks, and then just convert my Windows machine over to straight Linux. I doubt I’ll be able to afford the Macbook, though–or go without any Windows machine.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a machine where you can install Linux, OS X, and Windows? Then you wouldn’t have to muck around with multiple machines.

Speaking of Windows, thanks to Sam Ruby for pointing us to a wonderfully funny video: Microsoft designs the iPod Package.

I have to stay up past midnight tonight in order to pick up new order of antibiotics. My new health insurance kicks in on the first, and waiting the few hours means the difference between getting the prescription for 83.00 and getting it for 25.00. That’s almost enough for that leather iPod cover. At least now I know the answer, if I’m asked, to the question: How much would you need to save in order to go to the drugstore at midnight? I’ve always been concerned I wouldn’t have this answer handy.

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9 Responses to Ordinary

  1. loren says:

    With a mouth full of crowns and several root canals to boot, I sympathize with you.

    Get your medicine and get well soon, Shelley.

  2. pb says:

    What trusting love in that first picture! Zoe will be there to help your recovery. Perfect eye candy to replace your sweet treats.

  3. the only evidence I had then is the dozens of open tab pages in my Firefox browser when I would turn my computer back on

    And that didn’t crash FireFox? Seems like whenever I have 30 or more open FireFox windows, it crashes. Do the tabs take less resources than windows? Of course, I’m irritable because I was just in the middle of writing 6 emails and FireFox crashed on me.

  4. Tabs are a bit cheaper than windows: there’s a fair bit of stuff that has to be set up just once per window, and not much that has to be set up per tab.

    Shell, personal question? Once I’d spent enough time looking at Zoë’s poor bare butt and lovely other parts, I noticed that you have a completely uncustomized navigation bar. Do you just happen to like it the way it ships, right down to having a Go button, or is the fact that you can right-click – Customize and drag out the bits you don’t use and shuffle the bits you do too unobvious?

    (Heh. Once I’d typed that, carefully asking whether it was too intrusive to ask about your browser lack-of-customization, I looked back up at what words were surrounding Zoë: “My teeth and my finances, sure, but don’t you dare ask about my browser!”)

  5. Shelley says:

    Phil, the answer is: $58.00.

  6. Charles says:

    I hope you feel better soon. I read your dental tale of woe and I immediately had to floss.


  7. Now that 42 is so overexposed, I think I’ll adopt $58 as an answer instead.

    Chin up, sweetie: we’re all just sacks of filth and decay (some of whom seem to think spewing it around will somehow help), but sometimes there’s purring.

  8. dave rogers says:

    Sorry to hear about the teeth, but I also like Annie Lennox’ Into the West.

    Hope you get your dentition satisfactorily repaired with the least amount of inconvenience and discomfort.

    Perhaps a viewing of Little Shop of Horrors is in order?

    “I really admire your professionalism!”

  9. Shelley says:

    That’s a lovely song, isn’t it? If I were to have a funeral, and I wouldn’t, I’d want this played at it.

    My, wasn’t that edifying?

    Little Shop of Horrors…old or new version?