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Women in IT as compared to Women sorta associated by default with kindof IT

Julie Lerman points to a post and comment discussion related to a subject that’s been on my mind a lot this last week: Women in IT suprised by Women in IT; about a women attending a Women in IT networking … Continue reading

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Sunny, Warm, Busy

I’m about to head out for a new daily ritual: walking to the closest Starbuck’s for a latte. It’s 1.7 miles away, giving me a 3.4 mile roundtrip walk. I’m hoping this, combined with my walks at Powder, Shaw, the … Continue reading

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All Green and Go

I thought it was time to provide an update on Zoë, otherwise known as the little princess. She passed through her radiation treatment with flying colors, and seemed fine just after she got home. Then she got very quiet, and … Continue reading

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Pets on Parade

I and my roommate attended the Mardi Gras Pet Parade in the Soulard district today. It was cold, about ten degrees with the wind chill. As such, the numbers were down, but those that attended, two legged and four, had … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Commercial Break with a Word about RSS

It had all the makings of a true Real Life Drama: In an effort to defuse what could only be termed mutiny in the ranks, otherwise known as the ‘Atom Effect’, Dave Winer turns the copyright of the RSS 2.0 … Continue reading

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Quick Note

Just a quick note that coComments now works with my weblog. Note, though, that editing with my custom comment editing won’t be reflected in the comment that shows up in this service. In other words, coComments is that annoying friend … Continue reading

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If You’ve Linked to a Photo of mine on Flickr

In the next few days, I’m running an application that will download all photos I’ve embedded in my web pages and convert the Flickr address to one running locally in space I control. I will then be canceling my Flickr … Continue reading

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