The Missouri Department of Natural Resources had a media tour of Johnson Shut-Ins today, and I obtained permission to attend to take photographs. The members from DNR were wonderfully informative, courteous, and helpful. I also spent time chatting with an AmerenUE employee who I found to be very informative on how the company and specifically the company engineers view the event.

I’m in the process of downloading the photos and when finished, I’ll be posting a story with photos from the event. I’ll also include photos from before the flood, for comparison purposes. At times I tried to orient myself to take photos that I knew matched those I’d taken in the past, but the park has changed so much in so many places, all I could do was an approximation.

The media was out in full force–rather impressively so. The small parking lot was so full of satellite trucks, I wondered for a moment if George Bush was visiting. As more arrived, I then began to wonder if Bill Clinton was visiting. From what the other reporters said, people want to know how the Shut-Ins are doing, and not just folks from Missouri.

All in all, it made for a long day and combined with being under the weather this week from what feels like the beginnings of a pretty severe sinus infection, I’m very tired tonight. However, as soon as I have something to show, will post.

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5 Responses to Shut-Ins

  1. loren says:

    Damn, hope you didn’t get that sinus infection from our last emails.

    I’ve been under the weather all week from the same thing, and it’s made it impossible for me to even get out and get pictures.

    Get well, soon.

  2. Shelley says:

    thanks loren

  3. Karl says:

    I’m taking some antibiotics for the one I’ve had the past three weeks too. Tried to stupidly fight it off without them for two weeks. Got nowhere. Seems everyone at work has this bug. I love Benadryl, but I can’t continue to walk around this spacey!

    I hope you feel better Shelley :)

  4. Rob says:

    What is the background of the name “Johnson’s Shut-Ins”? Although I went to school in your area for 4 years, I never heard of this park.

    The damage sounds terrible.

  5. Shelley says:

    Me too, Karl.

    Rob, I actually don’t know how Johnson came about. Shut-ins are specific types of rock and water formations. We also have the Castor shut-ins in this state, which are harder to access, but very pretty.

    I tried to find out the origination of ‘johnson’, but no luck.

    I’ve posted the photos. I hope they give some feel for the damage.