To Serve Webloggers

My favorite lunatic wants us to know he’s better looking than Steve Rubel, but doesn’t make as much money as Hugh MacLeod. You may not make as much money, Alan, but I bet it’s raining right now in London.

The Head Lemur is writing about the new Technorati Popular Favorites List. I guess the new popular weblogger list is now based on the Technorati favorites thing. How many ways can we create popular lists of people? A lot more than I would expect. Next up, we’ll have lists of people ranked by how many times Dave Winer hints darkly about them, but doesn’t mention their name. Double points if he hints darkly and does mention the name.

Speaking of Hugh MacLeod, I was reminded of his Stormhoek wine parties, strongly, when I came across this rather unique way to cook crab:

For six people you need six crab and three bottles of white wine. Sit the people at the table, each with a large soup plate and a soup spoon in front of them. Pour some wine, and then put a live crab upside down in each plate. Slowly pour a spoonful of wine over the crab’s face – it will blow little bubbles and start to relax. Sip your wine, while giving the crab more spoonfuls. Eventually, fully relaxed, its legs will go limp.

Swap ‘weblogger’ for ‘crab’, skip the boiling part at the end, and viola! A Wine and Weblogger party.

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11 Responses to To Serve Webloggers

  1. What’s old is new again, eh? Shame Mark didn’t allow for more gradation, though.

  2. Shelley says:

    And that he didn’t allow for garlic butter, either.

  3. Kevin Marks says:

    There’s always one more way, Shelley.

  4. Hugh Macleod says:

    However it’s NOT raining in the French Riviera at the moment. Bwah ha ha ha…

    P.S. Head Lemur rocks, IMHO.

  5. ralph says:

    I’m appalled; there are only 42 blogs listed at that link, Kevin. I was trying to add a 43rd to ensure that the earth didn’t spin off its axis and destroy us all due to inequities in equilibrium, but a blasted password dialog got in the way!

  6. Shelley says:

    Only 42…someone’s in trouble now…

  7. What’s the wonderchicken reading?

    Made that for a ranty technohighschool post I may not get around to writing. Use it not for evil.

    (Also, my font matching sucks. I know.)

  8. Arthur says:

    What’s old is new again, eh?

    As in “Winer Number 2.0″?

  9. Shelley says:

    Stav, go forth, use it wisely my son.

    Arthur, that would be: Winer Number 2.0 beta!

  10. Tish G says:

    Next up, we’ll have lists of people ranked by how many times Dave Winer hints darkly about them, but doesn’t mention their name

    lol! and it wouldn’t surprise me at all

  11. TDavid says:

    I recognize that last photo .. it’s from To Serve Man! One of my favorite TZ episodes of all time. Was that a subliminal message, Shelley?