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A Story in Parts

I’ve linked to 3 Quarks Daily before, and it has fast become one of my favorite sites. It’s up for a couple of different Koufax Awards: Best Group Weblog and Weblog Best Deserving of Wider Recognition. This quality site needs … Continue reading

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Congratulations to ThoughtCast

I want to join David Weinberger in sending congratulations to Jenny Attiyeh for the broadcasting of her Thoughtcast podcast interviews on Boston’s WGBH (NPR) and PRX. I know how hard Jenny works on these interviews, and I’m happy to see … Continue reading

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A Pale Moon’s Shadow

Jeneane writes about lazy aggregator people, and the loss of community because of RSS aggregators. Her solution is for everyone to bring back the blogroll. Ralph agrees, stating that feed aggregators reduce every site to a dull grey lowest common … Continue reading

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Music to Draw By

The muse has finally settled kindly on me, and I believe I may be able to meet deadlines this Monday — not just one, but two. In order to do so, though, I may have to write all night–but that’s … Continue reading

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Think of the Children

Danny Ayers sends a plea along to the semantic web folks working with RDF: This may seem a strange request from an RDF fan who is on record calling OPML bloody awful (or words to that effect). But I’d like … Continue reading

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Knight Errant

Centuries ago, knights could challenge the dragons of their time with stout heart and clear mind. They had no conflict as to who was, or was not, the enemy. Neither did they have any confusion about how to deal with … Continue reading

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Two Real Stories to end the Week

A quirky redefinition of the term, RIP. Made me smile. And from Sheila Lennon, a lovely tale in time for St. Paddy’s: A Danny Boy for my Father. Danny Boy was one of my Dad’s favorite songs, too. He was, … Continue reading

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