Distributed Bits

Story is gone, but the metadata remains.

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4 Responses to Distributed Bits

  1. Scott Reynen says:

    the URL is the same except that the ‘infax’ subdirectory name is replaced by ‘xml’

    FYI, it looks like you forgot to replace it in the link.

  2. Scott Reynen says:

    Ok, now that I’m done reading… it sounds very interesting. In addition to all the RDF data out there, there’s a bunch of microformatted data than can be automatically translated to RDF. I suspect there’s more of this than straight RDF at the individual author level that you’re doing on your weblog. I know some XSLTs have been written to go from microformats to RDF.

    I have a crawler slowly creating a database of key-value pairs, discover timestamps, and source URLs for a good deal of microformatted data. If there’s anything I can do to better facilitate your discovery of this data, let me know. There would be more data, but I’ve set some bounds due to my limited storage space. I’ll have to look into possibly using S3 for this.

  3. Shelley says:

    Fixed, Scott.

    Thanks for the offer of help Scott. To be honest, I am of two minds whether to continue this project. Thinking about it after posting this, I’m not sure there will be any good coming from this effort. I think I’ll just go back to puttering quietly around my own stuff and leave anything more global to the SemWeb community.

    If I do continue, I will remember your generous offer. Thank you.

    PS Regardless, I would still like a peek at your database.