Glass in the Garden

My roommate was home from work early yesterday so I took the opportunity of having the car during the day to make a quick trip to the Botanical Gardens.

There was a great deal of activity–more than I would expect on an overcast Friday afternoon. However, the unveiling of the Chihuly Glass in the Gardens happened yesterday, and the Children’s Garden officiallly opens Monday, so that’s two major events rolled into one.

Me? I was there for the iris–they’re just now in bloom.

What I was suprised to find is that the Chihuly glass pieces aren’t limited to just the Climatron–our famous domed conservatory. There were bits of glass sculpture all over the park. Needless to say, I spent a merry time taking photos.



The Botanical Gardens staff was originally reluctant about the glass display. The park features art, true. But it’s always been secondary to the plants. The Chihuly glass demands, and gets attention.

Still, the glass doesn’t stop the flowers. In fact, they complement each other–blown glass has a very floral feel to it. I imagine that during the Thursday night Chihuly in the Park nights, when all of the glass is lit and the music is playing that the effect will be magical. Can’t wait to go.



The work isn’t permanent–how could it be? Can you imagine what it will take to maintain all this glass? For now, it makes a nice change, a bit of bright and unexpected color.


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10 Responses to Glass in the Garden

  1. Anne says:

    Wow! What stunning pictures.

  2. Scott Reynen says:

    Is that flying spaghetti monster looking thing under the bridge really glass? I can’t imagine how that would be made.

  3. Elaine says:

    There is no escaping Chihuly. ;) These look quite lovely, though, compared to some I’ve seen. (There’s a huge installation in the lobby of the Tacoma paper’s headquarters: I’ve heard it referred to as “And God Blew His Nose”)

  4. Luis says:

    He is also just wrapping up an installation at the Fairchild Gardens outside of Miami. Stunning stuff- I took about 400 pictures- my favorite ones here. I’ll refer my Missouri friends who saw those pics to this entry…

  5. Shelley says:

    Yes, it really is all glass Scott. Pretty amazing.

    Bill thanks for the link. The video in how it was put together is really interesting.

    Elaine, I hate to tell you, but I’ll be featuring more of the glass pictures in other posts. You are, indeed, surrounded by Chihuly.

    Luis! Amazing stuff, and you have some nice photos.

  6. Elaine says:

    I like some of his situational work; it’s just very easy to get bored by or annoyed with Chihuly in this part of the world.

    I love the big orange things in the window of Union Station; I hate the TNT’s chandelier; the sugar-sticks over I-705 just make me giggle. And when even a local bar has an artist’s work, you know he’s EVERYWHERE. ;)

    I’m loving your photos, tho, and looking forward to more!

  7. Diane Duane says:

    Gorgeous images! Thanks for those.

  8. Luis says:

    Shelley: Thanks! By the way, they aren’t all glass- the vast majority are, but he has been experimenting in recent years with plastics- I believe this one is plastic, for example.

  9. Shelley, nice to see your photos. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens had his stuff last year and it’s cool to see how the same peices have been rearranged and how different they look in a different situation.