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I agree with Sam Ruby: a successful tech is a diversified one. You can’t always depend on a new millennium to justify sticking with one and only one programming language. This last week I worked with Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, … Continue reading

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Squid Attacks

Thanks to Scott Reynen for the link to a second squid focused weblog–this one by Laughing Squid. The site has two items that especially caught my eye (figuratively) this week: War of the Worlds with a real squid. Filming the … Continue reading

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The Rule of Small Deer

They were three, and rather than cower from me and take off through the woods, they stood and looked at me. Then, as one body, they moved: one pawed the ground; one began eating the leaves from a small bush; … Continue reading

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Distributed Bits

Story is gone, but the metadata remains.

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I love you 25% of the time

Oooo. This is fun. *claps hands* David Weinberger asks: Let’s say I want to express in an RDF triple not simply that A relates to B, but the degree of A’s relationship to B. E.g.: Bill is 85% committed to … Continue reading

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Lonely Impulse

One of my favorite webloggers has been very quiet and I did my usual, which was go into the comments of his last post in preparation of putting in a comment about being quiet, missing him, that sort of thing. … Continue reading

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Glass in the Garden

My roommate was home from work early yesterday so I took the opportunity of having the car during the day to make a quick trip to the Botanical Gardens. There was a great deal of activity–more than I would expect … Continue reading

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