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Where’s the Touch Screen

Very interesting takes on being both a technologist and a parent of a small child. Karl writes of his baby daughter Emma: Emma is now very, very aware of her surroundings. Her smile fills up my heart like nothing else. … Continue reading

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Stretched Thin

It was a bit of a surprise to read Russell Beattie’s closure of his weblog today. I have no doubt he’s closing it, too. Of his future weblogging plans, Russell wrote: Yep, after four years and almost 3,000 posts I’ve … Continue reading

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We Interupt your regular thinking

I wrote a while back about putting RDF files out on Amazon’s S3 file storage. Why, I was asked. After all, I don’t have enough files, I have room on my server, and so on. Yup, I agreed. Other than … Continue reading

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Odd Coincidence

I changed my mind on this post. Why? Could be any number of reasons why: decided it wasn’t fun, didn’t feel like posting it, wanted to wait, seemed silly after publishing, I regreted what I wrote, and so on. The … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Earth Day 2006

Hold on. Hold on. Stop the break. I almost forgot to post my traditional Earth Day offering of photos. This Earth Day I’m featuring photos from the Show Me Mobile Aquarium; the large semi-truck size fishtank filled with native Missouri … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful Treat

Monthly I get a fresh batch of downloads at eMusic. I don’t have the largest plan–the most I can download is 20 at a time. Usually this is enough for an album with maybe a few experimental downloads from unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Pedia Again

danah boyd is going through Wikipedia deletion pains. The comments on her Articles for Deletion page and Discussion page have been very interesting reading. Marshall Kirkpatrick has been pointing out my own entry on women in Wikipedia, but my preferred … Continue reading

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