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RDF Stuff

Just in time for the Jena conference this week, Leigh has posted links to local mirrors of useful RDF data sources. Unfortunately, as Michael Bernstein pointed out to me in a recent email, the historical site needs a new home. … Continue reading

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Eclipse: Beyond the Geeks

I’ve been spending time today with Eclipse, the popular development tool used primarily by Java developers. I’m using Eclipse in my J2EE development because there’s a plugin that enables EJB development for JBoss, and another plugin that enables web servlet … Continue reading

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A Bully is still a Bully

Seth Finkelstein writes on the recent Maine weblogger being sued by an ad agency brouha. The ad agency dropped the lawsuit, in part because of the noise generated by webloggers. Contrary to belief, this was not the result of a … Continue reading

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A Simple Bird

3 Quarks Daily points to a wonderful NY Times magazine article on birding, stories, and the now legendary ivory-billed woodpecker. But this is not one of those crummy stories that ends with some annoying riff about “ambiguity.” Birding is not … Continue reading

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Silence of the Blog

Rob writes: As places writers can find themselves, this is one of the worst. You can be a writer. You can be a friend. Rarely can you be both at the same time.

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Friday Links

I’m not sure if I’m primarily posting on the weekends because I have so little time, or because it tickles my fancy to write when most people go quiet. It’s like going into your office on the weekend, and no … Continue reading

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Apple Peel

I have been thinking of getting a new computer. My two Powerbooks are struggling with the software I want to run–particularly Adobe’s Lightroom and PhotoShop CS2. The software is supposed to be run on a 1GHz CPU, and mine is … Continue reading

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