Book Cover

My editor, Simon St. Laurent, sent me a copy of my new book cover. The tagline is currently being changed, but when the art department is finished, I’ll post a copy.

It’s a companion book to JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, which features a rhino on it’s cover. So what could be more appropriate for a Learning JavaScript book than a baby rhino? It’s adorable.

The book tagline works, too. In fact, it’s forming the basis for the Learning JavaScript site design. Oh, how I wish I had graphic skills; I don’t, so I’ll have to muddle along. Regardless, it’s going to be a fun site.

I am so pleased to be back working with, and writing about, scripting. I like lightweight technologies. Always have; always will.

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5 Responses to Book Cover

  1. Anthony says:


    Simon St.Laurent is my editor as well…perhaps you can tell me what to expect from him…I’ve given him three chapters and I haven’t heard one word…

  2. Shelley says:

    Anthony, Simon has been on the road for conferences, and that usually cuts into the communication time. As you near the end, you communicate with your editor much more frequently.

    I just finished my, 15th I think it was, book, and with editors, no news is good news usually. However, drop him a note and ask him how’s it going.

    What’s your book about?

  3. Anthony says:


    Tentatively titled Ajax Web Development.

    Simon told me my cover would be an animal, but I don’t know what animal it will be yet.

    Guess I’ll keep plugging away until I hear otherwise.

  4. Cover animal vote…..


  5. Anthony says:


    At least now I know what your book is about…Simon told me.