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Surest Way to Lose Customers

I am beta testing Firefox 2 on one of my machines, and will be writing about the new JavaScript 1.7 in a post over at ScriptTeaser. One of the advantages to Firefox 2 is the spellchecker, which works with all … Continue reading

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Book Cover

My editor, Simon St. Laurent, sent me a copy of my new book cover. The tagline is currently being changed, but when the art department is finished, I’ll post a copy. It’s a companion book to JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, … Continue reading

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Embrace the Heat, Love the Humidity

The whole country is hot and humid and rather than try to run from it, I’m going to embrace it. Next week I’m traveling down the old ‘Sip until I can’t travel no more. I’m traveling to New Orleans. Along … Continue reading

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The Head Lemur sent me the link to this important story about a security threat based on JavaScript. This is a tough type of event to prevent, because it is increasingly difficult to turn JS off–so much of online content … Continue reading

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God's War

I typically leave the politics to those like Norm Jenson, who does an excellent job of representing my viewpoint. Usually. But when I saw that a pro-Israel site is sending people out to blanket comment at weblogs critical of the … Continue reading

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When Stereotypes are fostered

I wrote a relatively positive piece on Blogher over at Just Shelley. I guess I’ll use the Bb Gun to write the negative stuff. Or a better way of looking at this: address some of the comments that bring out … Continue reading

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Women Wearing Shoes

I read several postings related to Blogher this weekend. I imagine most will come out in the next week, as I gather hotel connectivity was quite poor during the event. The photos of the event show a lot of happy … Continue reading

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