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I made a bad mistake this last year. When I moved to my new host, I didn’t move most of my old pages. I hadn’t kept many of them up-to-date; focusing, instead, on my weblog and my newer efforts. I … Continue reading

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Sauna Louis

Have you ever been in a sauna? If you have, you know the best steam sauna is in a wood room (cedar) with a pile of hot rocks, which you throw pitcherfuls of (eucalyptus seeped) water on to send up … Continue reading

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Private and Public

I’ve had posts switched to private and I don’t know it until I see it marked with the status in the management page. I do edit the posts after I publish, and I think somehow the status is changing when … Continue reading

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So now, what is RDF?

Continuing the “what is”, Danny Ayers points to an article at O’Reilly, What is RDF? It’s a good overview of RDF, worth the cycles to read. Danny also writes: I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the easiest practical code route into … Continue reading

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OSCON JavaScript tutorial

Amy Ho has posted her OSCON JavaScript tutorial PDF, which provides a good overall outline of the state of JavaScript today. There was one page in particular that caught my eye, consisting of: JavaScript is a real boy language Yes, … Continue reading

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All that is gold

Recently, a weblogger I’ve known for years, Michelle Goodrich who wrote as Mandarin Meg, passed away. Frank Paynter has put together a memorial for Meg at Blogher. I won’t be attending, either in person or via IRC. I did want … Continue reading

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I have some fresh postings at ScriptTeaser, and will have others this weekend. I also need to get the site layout changes made, as scrolling is a problem on some machines. There’s also unexpected stuff happening through WordPress I need … Continue reading

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