Cool Baby

Today dawned unseasonably cool, which meant wonderfully comfortable. I grabbed my camera and headed to the zoo to meet the new baby elephant, Maliha, a name that supposedly means “strong” and “beautiful”.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in the midst of a group in as good a mood as the those who were at the zoo today. I stopped to look at some pink flowers, and a mother with her two small kids stopped and said she thought they were lilacs. At the elephant compound, mothers and fathers were trying to make a path through their kids so that I could get closer to take photos–even going so far as to point out where the baby was, and did I catch it doing such and such?

I think it was the cooler weather–it really was an awful summer. I also think it’s my miracle 70-200 mm vr lens. People are friendlier and more accommodating when I use the Big Lens. I don’t mind it; in fact, I like it. It’s really nice to chat with a group of people, as we look at a baby elephant romping about or another elephant rocking from stress because the weather is changing.


In care you’re wondering where the photos have gone, I’ve uploaded them to my Weather Underground site, adding captions in the process. You can see the series header photo here.

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4 Responses to Cool Baby

  1. Sour Duck says:

    Sounds like you had a great day out. Baby elephant is very cute indeed.

  2. /pd says:

    shelley, I remember a post that you had -where you indicated that you were feedup with Flickr and would stop posting on flickr. do you have a link to that old posting. I think it was on burningbird (?)

  3. Shelley says:

    Not as cute as baby prairie dogs, SD, but she was cute.

    Here’s the post. I wasn’t fed up, I like Flickr and I still play with their API from time to time. But I’m not into community photos sites. I publish at wunderground from time to time, when I’m in the mood.

  4. /pd says:

    thanks for the linky Shelley !!