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Cool Baby

Today dawned unseasonably cool, which meant wonderfully comfortable. I grabbed my camera and headed to the zoo to meet the new baby elephant, Maliha, a name that supposedly means “strong” and “beautiful”. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the … Continue reading

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UnEqual and Poor

Two excellent from Sour Duck: 21st Century Employment: For Many it’s all work, no benefits which is disturbingly true. Links to stories related to August 26, Women’s Equality Day. I don’t, and won’t, celebrate any holiday which promotes the belief … Continue reading

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Wag the Valley

Geez, ValleyWag has been good lately. Six Effects of Eric Schmidt Joining Apple’s Board, including Cloud of Smug. The pointer to the great story about, Oregon. Pointing to a disappointing but telling photo from the Women 2.0 pool party. … Continue reading

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Dried Apples

John Dvorak writes on the possibility of a Sun/Apple merger now that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has joined the Apple Board. I must admit to scratching my head, and going ‘huh’ on that one. Apple + Google = Sun? If … Continue reading

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Flickr has been geo'd

Flickr has introduced a new geo mapping service where you can drag your photos to a map (or provide longitude and latitude) and it will geotag the photos for you. The site has also added new search facilities that incorporates … Continue reading

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Laura Claridge

Abbas Raza at 3 Quarks posts a pointer to a bio of Laura Claridge, former professor and author. Ms. Claridge is currently writing a book on Emily Post titled, Emily Post and the American Dream: Red Shoes, White Gloves, and … Continue reading

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Teflon Webloggers

I read in comments this week about how a recent attendee at Tim O’Reilly’s FOO camp was the originator of all the discussion about there not being enough women in tech conferences such as Tim’s camp. I was suprised, and … Continue reading

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