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Though it has been raining steadily and the humidity high, the temperatures have fallen and I can now leave the windows open for long periods of the day. I just watched a school bus go by, with it’s reminder that … Continue reading

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Data Shoeology

I’ve been working with data since before I left college. Before the first standard release of SQL, which makes me feel really…seasoned. Applications came and went, but data is what really mattered, no matter how fancy the programming language or … Continue reading

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Saturday I slipped out for a couple of hours in the afternoon to go to the first day of the new Metrolink extension. I went later in the day and missed most of the crowds.The LinkFest associated with the opening … Continue reading

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cold outer circle poor pluto, once proud planet; puny rock, got punked

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Evil Kitty and Phoebe

From SB at Watermark: evil kitty collections at Flickr. Through this, I discovered the story of Phoebe the feral kitten who ended up in a home with three pugs. You actually can tell a full story with a set of … Continue reading

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Mud Balls

From Kircher Society: A gallery of, and detailed instruction in how to make Hikaru Dorodango: polished mud balls.

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The first Office 2.0 Conference is organized by IT|Redux, and brings together vendors, investors, industry analysts, and journalists. The goal for the event is to collectively build the foundation for Office 2.0, investigate technical challenges, and showcase practical applications. Most … Continue reading

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