Wag the Valley

Geez, ValleyWag has been good lately.

Six Effects of Eric Schmidt Joining Apple’s Board, including Cloud of Smug.

The pointer to the great story about half.com, Oregon.

Pointing to a disappointing but telling photo from the Women 2.0 pool party. It’s nice to have a visual to go with my words when I write about the new Web 2.0 and women.

The best FOOCamp Poll ever.

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3 Responses to Wag the Valley

  1. Rain Bo says:

    Yeah. Right. Extract on photo from a gallery of 300+ and post that as representative. Doesn’t really prove anything, does it?


  2. Shelley says:

    Actually the sequence of photos where the young woman was picked up by the two young men and tossed into the pool in all her clothes, ruining her $150 lambskin clutch from Bally might have been better.

  3. Phil says:

    Not quite with you, Rain. The point isn’t that the partyers in the picture representing “Women 2.0″ were 80+% male. The point is that somebody seriously set about organising an event under the banner of “Women 2.0″ in the first place – a “Women 2.0″ pool party, for fuck’s sake. That’s what’s ridiculous, and it would have been just as ridiculous if the attendance had consisted entirely of separatist lesbians, say. (Admittedly that would have been a good joke – the ValleyWag picture was more of a bad joke.)