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Comments to comments

I don’t remember this being written about anywhere, and I don’t know how old the ability is, but you can now add comments to individual product reviews at Amazon. As an author, what a wonderful way of responding to comments … Continue reading

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Role Models

A couple of items surfaced recently about the lack of women in science and technology, including a NYTimes op-ed piece rejecting the recent study about women in sciences and another weblogger writing about the importance of having women as role … Continue reading

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So Many Assumptions

There was a comment at Yegge’s post about good Agile, bad Agile that caught my eye: To the people who complained that because they have other priorities besides programming (families, hobbies, etc) they’ve been lumped in a “lesser programmers” category … Continue reading

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Johnson, One last Time

I visited Johnson’s Shut-Ins one last time this year, as the park is going to be closed next Monday to attempt to repair the Taum Sauk Dam break. It was too sunny at midday to get much in the way … Continue reading

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You say agile, I say chaos

I skimmed through Steve Yegge’s “Good Agile, Bad Agile” piece and was thinking of responding, but luckily Dare Obasanjo responded first and said all I’d say and more–especially as regards to the ‘star’ treatment accorded to developers at companies like … Continue reading

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Accessibility, Ajax Style

My editor, Simon St. Laurent, and I both agreed that with the new book, Adding Ajax, the work would all be valid and accessible. Some of this effort is easy; much is not. One particular area has to do with … Continue reading

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This Door Swings Both Ways

Sometimes the iTunes store is spot on when it makes a recommendation, and that’s how I can to download Herman’s Hermits Retrospective–the group’s best songs, very nicely re-mastered. I’ve enjoyed this CD immensely, with its reminders of hip-huggers, tight sweators, … Continue reading