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Stop re-inventing this wheel

Perhaps at SxSW, PPK can convince the new horde of Ajax developers to stop acting as if that they’ve invented the technology, all squeeky new. Via link from Ajaxian, the concept of ‘transparent’ messages from Humanized. Issues of accessibility and … Continue reading

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Rogers on No Spring Women

Rogers Cadenhead just wrote on another conference with no women among the speakers. It’s rather alarming how the ‘new’ technologies seem to be completely devoid of women, yet I know there are women working in these fields. Did we forget … Continue reading

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Role Models

Since Patricia Dunn has resigned from HP, I thought I would point out a post from Joyce Park of Renkoo. I don’t agree that the problems HP has had as regards women in leadership roles can be extrapolated to society … Continue reading

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Adobe Lightroom beta 4

The fourth beta of Adobe’s Lightroom is now available for free download. I haven’t used the product since the second beta, and never on the PC. I think I’ll give this one a try on both the Mac and the … Continue reading

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Fear no Tech

From the new Pew Survey on future of the internet: A low-cost global network will be thriving and creating new opportunities in a “flattening” world. Humans will remain in charge of technology, even as more activity is automated and “smart … Continue reading

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Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

I watched Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet and it took three starts before I discovered that it and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women shared much of the same footage and I wasn’t clicking the wrong movie on the … Continue reading


On Zoos as Compared to Free

Dave Rogers posted photos of his zoo trip yesterday and also mentioned his ambiguity about zoos. Loren Webster posted photos from a zoo trip he too recently, and he’s also mentioned in the past about his ambivalence towards these institutions. … Continue reading

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