Here's one for the History Buffs

I find the more I study the world today, the more I like history.

Here’s one that has me stumped, though. There is another famous Poe other than Edgar Allan, and his name was Aaron Poe. He was known as a ‘famous’ indian fighter in the midwest in the 1800′s, but he seems to be virtually unknown now. I’ve been trying to track him without any success.

Does anyone have any background on Aaron Poe, the ‘famous indian fighter’?

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2 Responses to Here's one for the History Buffs

  1. Shelley says:

    The one wouldn’t be directly, because he was only three when he died, but yes the other is part of the family chain I’m trying to track. I’ve been using offline resources, but next up: a trip to the historical society in Columbia. I’m concerned, though, that this may not have the info I need because Aaron Poe seems to have been more in Kansas and Oklahoma than Missouri.

    Thanks for linking these Sterling.